School Policies

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

To make dropping off and picking up your students more efficient and secure, we have the following policy in place:

Late Student Drop Off

If you are dropping off your child after school begins, please bring them to the Meadowview School entrance at the rear of the Eaton RESA building. You will need to sign in your child for the day and Meadowview staff will walk them down to their classroom.

Early Student Pick Up

If you need to pick up your child early, please send a note to the classroom teacher and come to the Meadowview School entrance at the rear of the Eaton RESA building, where you will sign out your child for the remainder of the day.

Medications at School

In order for your child to take any medication (prescription and non-prescription) at school, a medication form is required. If your child requires prescription medication (asthma inhaler, epi-pen, insulin) your physician must complete a portion of the form. For over the counter medications only a parent's permission is required.

Medication forms are completed via FinalForms. For more information for questions, please contact the school nurse.

Meadowview Placement Procedures

Meadowview School serves students identified with moderate to severe Cognitive Impairments (CI), Severe Multiple Impairments (SXI), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from school districts throughout Eaton County. Students with Meadowview School range in age from 2.5 years through 26 years.

Any student residing within one of the Eaton RESA school districts may be referred for services at Meadowview School by the local school district IEP Team. If a local district is considering a more restrictive Meadowview placement, the following steps need to be taken:

  • The resident district special education director will contact the Meadowview principal to begin a thoughtful discussion and process for the student and their family.
  • Meadowview administration will review recent evaluations and current and Behavior Intervention Plan.
  • Meadowview staff will observe the student in their current setting.
  • Meadowview staff may offer suggestions for the IEP team to consider prior to making a change in placement.
  • Parent(s)  and the student are encouraged to visit the Meadowview Program prior to the IEP meeting.
  • An IEP meeting will be scheduled by the resident district. Meadowview Principal, teacher and ancillary staff will be invited.
  • The resident district staff will draft an IEP in collaboration with the potential receiving Meadowview staff.
  • If placed in a Meadowview program specific teacher assignment is determined by the Meadowview Principal with input from staff and parents.
  • IEPs are completed annually, including a review of placement and determination of least restrictive environment. Parents, staff and student work together to plan a program of goals and objectives for the student. School placement is discussed at each IEP meeting with the goal of placing students in the least restrictive environment with proper supports.