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Meadowview School has been in operation since 1974 serving students in Eaton County who are eligible to receive services under the categories of moderate and severe cognitive impairments, severe multiple impairments, severe emotional impairments, autism spectrum disorders and traumatic brain injuries, as well as providing transition services. Meadowview staff work with local school districts and families to provide center-based programs and services to students, as determined through the IEP process. Meadowview does not enroll students independent of local involvement. Children who attend Meadowview school are between the ages of 5 and 26. 

Read about the Meadowview School Programs, PDF DocumentModerately Cognitively Impaired and PDF DocumentPost Secondary Transition.  

Enrollment at Meadowview School

If you have not yet completed the 22-23 School Year Enrollment packet, please do so as soon as possible. Take special note of the household eligibility forms for free/reduced-price meals. With changes in funding, several schools are no longer able to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students. 

Welcome Back to School

Dear Families, 

Greetings! Welcome back to the 2022-2023 School Year! The first day of school for our Meadowview programs at Packard and in Potterville will be August 22 and our Eaton Rapids and Creative Pulp Storefront programs will start on August 29. Below you will find some details based on our Meadowview Onsite and Offsite programs as the school year gets started. 

Thank you, 
Elizabeth Longshore 


We will continue to follow the Barry-Eaton District Health Department's recommendations for health and safety protocols. If anything changes, we will let you know. 

Required Forms

Attached you will see many forms to be reviewed and signed. There are five required forms to return to Meadowview. 

  • Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement (Inside Enrollment Packet below)
  • Emergency Information and Authorization From (Inside Enrollment Packet below)
  • NEW STUDENTS - Immunization Information to Local and State Health Departments
  • Photo Release Form (Inside Enrollment Packet below)
  • Household Form for the EI, SCI programs, and the Free/Reduced Food Forms (Below)

Dean Transportation

Bussing will continue to be provided by Dean Transportation. If you have questions about your child's bussing, please contact Darcey Gilson at 517.541.2772.

IEP Meetings

This year, we are providing the option of face-to-face or virtual IEP meetings for our families. Virtual lEP meetings have added flexibility and accessibility that increased families' ability to attend these important meetings. 

Important Forms

PDF DocumentEnrollment Packet
PDF DocumentNew Student Form
PDF DocumentMeadowview Handbook

PDF DocumentPackard - Household Information Report (Food Service)
PDF DocumentPotterville - Free & Reduced Meal Form
PDF DocumentEaton Rapids - Free & Reduced Meal Form 

Beliefs Statement

We are a school in which students, educators, parents, community members and administrators work collaboratively to create a positive learning environment to ensure all students are successful, active participants in their community. Educators hold high expectations for all students. All students and staff feel empowered and supported. Educators use best practice in every educational experience to engage each student. We provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for students, staff, and parents that enables every student to experience the joy of learning. We believe every student has the right to make choices, to express preferences and feelings and to have that communication honored.

Meadowview School Improvement Goals:

All students will be supported through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).
All students at Meadowview School will increase proficiency in reading and overall literacy.
All students will have the opportunity to communicate with peers and staff in a meaningful way in their school environment, throughout the school day.                   

Pandemic-EBT Program

Important information for parents or guardians of students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch at Eaton RESA Meadowview Offsite.

What is the Pandemic-EBT Program?

The Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) Program provides food benefits to families with children who were not able to get free or reduced-price school meals due to COVID. You may hear about this benefit from other schools or in the media.  

Who is eligible?

Being eligible for this program will depend on what school your student attends. Eligibility for the Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) Program can be different between schools within the same district.

What makes a school eligible for P-EBT?

A school building is eligible only if the building has had 5 school days in a row of reduced in-person hours due to COVID (closures due to staffing shortages do not count for P-EBT benefits).   

What could make my child eligible for P-EBT?

  • If the school they attend is eligible for P-EBT and
  • If your student has applied and been approved for free/reduced lunch and
  • Did not receive instruction in-person for some or all the month due to COVID-19 related-absence                                                                       

There may be months when your student’s attendance was different from what the school reported. In that case, you may be able to have your student’s benefit level reconsidered. Your request to be reconsidered must be submitted by June 30, 2022. In the month(s) listed below, your school was primarily in-person. Your student(s) may be P-EBT eligible if your student did not receive instruction in-person for some or all the month due to COVID-19 related absence in the following month(s): 

  • Meadowview Offsite Programs located in Potterville, Eaton Rapids, and the Charlotte Storefront: October 2021, November 2021, and December 2021.
  • Meadowview Onsite Programs located on the Meadowview Campus: November 2021 and December 2021

For more information, visit or call 1-833-905-0028.

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