Meadowview School

Since 1974, Meadowview School has served  students in Eaton County who are between the ages of five and 26 in programs for students with autism, emotional impairments, and mild, moderate, and severe cognitive impairments. Meadowview School operates programs onsite at the Meadowview School campus in Charlotte as well as offsite programs located in Potterville Schools, Eaton Rapids Schools, and out of the downtown Charlotte Creative Pulp storefront. Meadowview School staff work with local school districts and families to provide center-based programs and services to students, as determined through the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. Meadowview cannot  enroll students outside of an IEP through the student’s resident school district. Learn about the Meadowview School Programs. Learn more about the Meadowview School Programs- PDF DocumentModerately Cognitively Impaired and PDF DocumentPost Secondary Transition.  

Enrollment at Meadowview School

All Meadowview students are placed in our programs by IEP teams. For returning students, annual enrollment forms must be reviewed and verified by parents through FinalForms before the first day of school. For new students placed in Meadowview mid-year, parents will receive access to complete enrollment forms via FinalForms following the IEP team placement decision.


All enrollment documents and change of address for Meadowview students are completed via FinalForms. Parents will receive a notice of any required actions via the email address they provided. If you require assistance with completing documents in FinalForms or would like to schedule an appointment to complete forms in-person, please contact Becki Potter in the Meadowview office at 517-541-8750.

Dean Transportation

Because Meadowview School programs operate outside students’ regular attendance area, special transportation is provided to Meadowview School programs byDean Transportation. If you have questions about your child's bussing or need to cancel transportation or the day, please contact Dean Transportation at 517.541.2772.

Breakfast at School

Breakfast is served! Breakfast is available in each classroom at the start of each day and is free for all students! Join us for a healthy breakfast to start your day!

Beliefs Statement

We are a school in which students, educators, parents, community members and administrators work collaboratively to create a positive learning environment to ensure all students are successful, active participants in their community. Educators hold high expectations for all students. All students and staff feel empowered and supported. Educators use best practice in every educational experience to engage each student. We provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for students, staff, and parents that enables every student to experience the joy of learning. We believe every student has the right to make choices, to express preferences and feelings and to have that communication honored.