Meadowview School

Meadowview School has been in operation since 1974 serving students in Eaton County who are eligible to receive services under the categories of moderate and severe cognitive impairments, severe multiple impairments, severe emotional impairments, autism spectrum disorders and traumatic brain injuries, as well as providing transition services. Meadowview staff work with local school districts and families to provide center-based programs and services to students, as determined through the IEP process. Meadowview does not enroll students independent of local involvement. Children who attend Meadowview school are between the ages of 5 and 26. 

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To develop a shared vision with our students for an independent and fulfilling life. 



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Teal & Brown

Read about the Meadowview School Programs, PDF DocumentModerately Cognitively Impaired and PDF DocumentPost Secondary Transition

Meadowview School Improvement Plan

Beliefs Statement

We are a school in which students, educators, parents, community members and administrators work collaboratively to create a positive learning environment to ensure all students are successful, active participants in their community. Educators hold high expectations for all students. All students and staff feel empowered and supported. Educators use best practice in every educational experience to engage each student. We provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for students, staff, and parents that enables every student to experience the joy of learning. We believe every student has the right to make choices, to express preferences and feelings and to have that communication honored.

Meadowview School Improvement Goals:

All students will be supported through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).
All students at Meadowview School will increase proficiency in reading and overall literacy.
All students will have the opportunity to communicate with peers and staff in a meaningful way in their school environment, throughout the school day.                                      

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