Substance Use Disorder Prevention

Eaton RESA offers evidence-based prevention programming to foster resiliency in all youth, rather than targeting only those at risk. 

We use developmentally appropriate prevention strategies to counteract the multiple risk factors for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Originally formed as Region 13 Substance Abuse Prevention and Education (SAPE) in 1976, Prevention Program Services has been a leader in drug prevention and health promotion for over 30 years. Our service area includes the schools and communities of Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties in the capital area of mid-Michigan.

External LinkEaton County Substance Awareness Advisory Group (ECSAAG)

External LinkClinton Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition (CSAPC)

External LinkIngham Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition (ISAP)

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The Eaton County Substance Awareness Advisory Group (ECSAAG), the Ingham Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition (ISAP), and Clinton Substance Awareness & Prevention Coalition (CSAPC) exist to mobilize their respective counties in focused, research-based, strategic prevention planning specific to the needs and resources of each county. The goal of the coalitions is to reduce substance abuse and all related consequences. This is achieved through a formalized, multi-sector collaboration among community service agencies, law enforcement, educational institutions, colleges and universities, health departments, business and industry, youth groups, community mental health, faith-based organizations, parents, and other community stakeholders. Check out the links below to see their websites for more information. 

Electronic Vaping & E-Cigarettes

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