Providing a safe environment for students to learn and staff to work is at the top of the list for educators and community partners across Eaton County. Leaders from the Eaton RESA, local school districts, law enforcement and other agencies are working collaboratively to help steer schools in the right direction when addressing threats.

Below are several tools to support a school's process of assessing any and all school threats. 


  1. Student-protected information (such as mental health, criminal history, political beliefs, etc.) is generally protected information.  Parental permission is generally required before school personnel ask students about these subjects.
  2. The tools shared on this website are not for open use. They should ONLY be utilized after full participation in the District's designated training process.
  3. Some of the information gathered while using the threat assessment tools may be subject to federal and state laws related to student information privacy.  Please get guidance before sharing it.
  4. The proper use of these tools is the responsibility of those who use them, and such use is not subject to any type of warranty.  Eaton RESA is not liable in any way for the use or misuse of the Model Threat Assessment System.


Please complete this Eaton RESA Threat Data Tracker  sometime within 60 days of experiencing a threat and deploying the threat assessment system.

We are trying to gain a better understanding of the frequency, level, and location of threats occurring in Jackson County.  This data will not be identifiable to a particular instance, nor ever shared in a punitive way.  This data is only to assist in making our county safer and better.

We strongly suggest that individual schools/districts have a clear tracking and organizational system to ensure that all Threat Assessment documents are stored in a secure and appropriate way with restricted/justifiable access.