Professional Development

Eaton RESA provides training on topics such as Assistive Technology, General Education, Prevention, Special Education, Technology, and Vocational Education. 

Current expert thinking holds that the knowledge and skills of educators will more likely be impacted if professional learning experiences are:

  • content-based;
  • practice-based;
  • research or evidence-based; and
  • grounded in pedagogical content

Professional learning that meets these criteria might be in the format of team work sessions, book study, action-research, curriculum or assessment development, mentoring or being mentored, a university class, a professional workshop, an online course, etc. It is rigorous, sustained, and devoted to the ultimate goal of increasing student learning.

External LinkProfessional Development (updated link January 2024)

Eaton RESA Professional Development Opportunities

External LinkProfessional Development Opportunities 

REMC 13 

As a member district, Eaton RESA staff can participate in a variety of professional development technology integration sessions offered by REMC13. Please visit REMC 13 to External Linkview upcoming professional development opportunities

Other Professional Development Opportunities

External LinkIngham ISD - Offers a variety of professional development workshops, events, and seminars.

External LinkClinton County RESA - Offers a variety of professional development workshops, events, and seminars.