Youth and Family Online Wellness Resources

Wellness goes far beyond physical health and includes an individual’s mental wellbeing, a commitment to positive relationships as well as mindfulness and stress management.

This guide was developed to provide resources for young people, their families, and our community partners. This list of providers outside of Eaton RESA does not constitute an endorsement of any of these sites or their services. Eaton RESA offers them solely as educational resources for individuals to explore as they make wise choices for their well-being. If you would like to learn more about behavioral health services through Eaton RESA, contact our staff through this website page: Behavior & Mental Health - Eaton RESA .

PDF DocumentYouth and Family Online Wellness Resources

Take-Pause An app for teens to calm their minds.

Hopeful Minds Equips students, educators, and parents with the tools they need to find and maintain hope even during the most trying of times.

The National Association of Free Clinics A directory of free and low-cost clinics in the United States.

Teens who do not have access to in-person counseling, due to transportation or the availability of specialized counselors, may choose to access online therapy.

Note: Be sure to check with providers before receiving services in order to utilize insurance and understand any fees associated with online therapy. As always, check to make sure the therapist has training or specialization in the areas you are needing and is a good fit relationally.

Amwell Known for online therapy for younger kids.

Synergy eTherapy Offers one free consultation for teen therapy.

Doctor on Demand Online psychiatry.

Thriveworks In-network teen mental health care for many insurances.

TalkSpace Known for high availability of teen therapy services with video and text options.

Mindfulness for Teens Provides information and resources on mindfulness for teens, including how to get started and FAQs.

Stress management techniques from Verywell Mind

Effective stress relievers for your life  from Verywell Mind

Relaxation Techniques and Health from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Resources

Meditation In-Depth  from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Resources

Cleveland Clinic Relaxation Meditations from the Cleveland Clinic

Mindfulness Coach-Mobile App from the US Department of Veteran Affairs 

Free online mindfulness course from Future Learn

Fight Stress with Healthy Habits from the American Heart Association

Managing Stress from the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Personal Zen An app developed by a neuroscientist with games designed for anxiety reduction and resilience development.

Sanvello An app with breathing exercises, a mood tracker, and other mental health tools. The app is covered by many insurance plans.

Insight Timer  An app for meditation as well as sleep, anxiety, and stress support.

Calm This app aims to help you on the "journey to a calmer mind" with many tools to get there.

Headspace This app is often called "a gym membership for the mind” offering many guided meditation classes including hundreds of themed meditations from super short to long.

MindShift Developed by AnxietyBC, this app includes mindfulness and other anxiety coping skills for teens.

Smiling Mind A mindfulness app developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life. Provides information and resources on cyberbullying, including articles, videos, and fact sheets.

Teens Against Bullying PACER’s website provides information and resources on cyberbullying, including advice on how to advocate for yourself and others.

A Parent’s Guide to Cyberbullying Everything a parent needs to know about cyberbullying.

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center Provides information and resources on all aspects of bullying especially against youth with disabilities.

STOMP Out Bullying An organization that provides information and resources on cyberbullying, including how to get help. Get a job, internship, or volunteer with a non-profit organization. The site has more than 20,000 organizations offering positions. 

Youth Service of America Works to expand the impact of the youth service movement in communities, schools, corporations, and government.

Youth Infusion Created and run by young people who work to support youth as decision-makers, advocates, and community change-agents. 

A Mighty Girl: How to Stop the Tween Confidence Drop by Helping Girls Take on Toxic Thinking Offers advice and resources for parents of tween girls who are struggling with their confidence.

PBS Self Image: The Fantasy, The Reality Takes on the challenge of self-image in a world full of media and provides a variety of resources to help teens build a healthy self-image.

Office on Women’s Health: Body Image Resources for mothers who want to have a healthy body image and help their children do the same.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Children and Divorce Provides information for children of divorce, from toddlers to young adults.

Child Mind Institute: Supporting Kids During a Divorce Offers advice for parents on how to support their children during and after a divorce.

Safe Teens: Dealing with Divorce Provides information for teens on how to deal with the stress and emotions that come with a family divorce.

How to tell kids about divorce: An age-by-age guide Provides tips for what to say to children of different ages about divorce. It is written by a clinical psychologist.