Eaton RESA Career Preparation Center Programs

Are you a leader? Do you like organizing people, planning activities, and talking? Do you like working with numbers and ideas? Do you like carrying through an idea and seeing the end product? Do you like balancing a checkbook, following the stock market, holding an office, and surfing the Internet? If so, a career path in business might be for you.

PDF DocumentComputer Security
PDF DocumentBusiness Academy (Davenport University)
PDF DocumentGame Design and Programming (Davenport University)
PDF DocumentInsurance & Risk Management 
PDF DocumentDigital Media and Design

Are you mechanically inclined and practical? Do you enjoy reading diagrams, blueprints, and drawing building structures? Are you interested in painting houses, repairing cars, wiring electrical circuits, or woodworking? Are you curious about how things work? If so, this career path might be for you.

PDF DocumentAutomotive Technology 
PDF DocumentHeavy Equipment Operation & Repair
PDF DocumentRobotics & Automation
PDF DocumentMachining & Manufacturing Technology
PDF DocumentWelding Technology

Are you interested in disease and how the body works? Do you enjoy reading about science and medicine? Do you like caring for people who are sick or nurturing their health? If so, a career path in health, treatment, and related health technologies might be for you.

PDF DocumentHealth Technology I
      Health Technology II
PDF DocumentSports Medicine

Are you friendly, open, understanding, and cooperative? Do you like to work with people and solve problems? If so, a career path in the economic, political, and social systems may be for you. This includes education, government, law enforcement, leisure and recreation, military, religion, child care, social services, and personal services.

PDF DocumentCriminal Justice
PDF DocumentLaw Enforcement

Are you a nature lover? Are you interested in plants and animals? Do you enjoy hunting or fishing? Do you like to garden? Are you interested in protecting the environment? If so, a career path in agriculture, the environment, and natural resources may be for you. This includes agricultural sciences, earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries, forestry, horticulture, and wildlife. 

PDF DocumentAnimal Science and Zoo Management

The Eaton RESA Career Preparation Center offers many programs across six career pathways as an opportunity for students to learn relevant technical and applied academic skills in an occupational area. In addition, students may earn industry credentials and direct college credit while simultaneously meeting high school graduation requirements.

CPC Programs Include

Animal Science and Zoo Management
Aviation Careers Institute
Automotive Technology
Business Academy
Computer Security
Construction Technology
Criminal Justice
Digital Media and Design
Game Design and Programming 
Health Technology
Heavy Equipment Operation & Repair
Insurance & Risk Management
Law Enforcement
Mechatronics & Robotics
Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing 
Sports Medicine
Welding Technology