Accounts Payable - Employee Information

Accounts Payable utilizes the Smart Finance Software to process payments to vendors and reimbursements to staff. Payments are made on a weekly basis.

Tax Exemption

Eaton RESA is exempt from Michigan Sales Tax. Be sure that your Michigan purchases are exempt from state sales tax by mentioning this before the start of a sale. Below is a link to our certification form; wallet-size cards are available upon request.

PDF DocumentMI Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Staff Reimbursements

Mileage, supply, and conference travel reimbursements are ACH deposited as separate disbursements into the bank account you have on file with Payroll. Forms are to be submitted to your supervisor for approval. Feel free to contact Accounts Payable if you have a question regarding a processed reimbursement.

PDF DocumentInstructions for mileage reimbursement claims

The External Linkcurrent mileage rate is $0.625/mile. This changes each calendar year and is provided by the IRS.

Calendar year 2022 forms:

Excel DocumentJuly - Dec 2022 Mileage and Reimbursement Forms
Google SheetJuly - Dec 2022 Mileage and Reimbursement Form - Chromebook Users

Excel DocumentJuly - Dec 2022 Conference Forms
Google SheetJuly - Dec 2022 Conference Forms- Chromebook Users

PDF DocumentCertification of Missing Receipt Form

Request to Purchase Supplies 

Please use the following form to request a supply purchase from a vendor. Forms are to be submitted to your supervisor for approval. If approved, they will be routed to your department administrative assistant for processing.

Excel DocumentRequisition Form

Purchasing Training Materials

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Google DriveEmployee Training Materials