January 22, 2024

Headstream Technologies and Eaton RESA Partner, Unveiling MILearner Wallet in Eaton County

Headstream Technologies and Eaton RESA are thrilled to announce their partnership for Michigan's 27o grant initiative. MILearner Wallet has expanded its functionality to impact tutoring and supplemental instruction. This collaboration aims to boost educational technology and innovation throughout the state of Michigan.

MILearner Wallet is an innovative technical solution designed to revolutionize the tracking of student growth within tutoring initiatives. This solution provides students and administrators with valuable insights into the effectiveness of tutoring programs,empowering them to make informed decisions for an optimized learning experience.MILearner Wallet aims to showcase the tangible impact of tutoring and supplementary instruction on student growth and proficiency. 

The partnership focuses on utilizing the grant to not only enhance educational resources and technological infrastructure but also to integrate and leverage MILearner Wallet for comprehensive data-driven insights. Both organizations are committed to preparing students for the future through a dynamic learning environment. 

Anthony Faulkner, CEO of Headstream Technologies, and Dr. Sean Williams,Superintendent at Eaton RESA, share a common dedication to empowering students through technology. Their aligned vision focuses on delivering quality education and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of students, reflecting a commitment to advancing learning opportunities. 

Equally exciting, the partnership is pleased to announce that Steve Netzel from Eaton RESA will spearhead the MILearner Wallet Program as the Director. His expertise and dedication make him a valuable addition to our partnership. To learn more about Steve and the innovative program, visit www.milearnerwallet.org
The 27o grant initiative, administered by the State of Michigan, supports educational institutions in modernizing and adapting to the evolving education landscape.Headstream Technologies and Eaton RESA are enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership, along with MILearner Wallet, brings to students, educators, and the community.