Parental Consent

Pursuant to the regulation regarding parental notification and consent (34 CFR §300.154(d)(2)(v). 2.), the district must provide the parent/guardian with written Notification Regarding Parental Consent prior to seeking Medicaid reimbursement for the first time, and annually thereafter.

The regulation also requires the District to obtain a one-time signed consent from the parent/guardian that meets the requirements of 34 CFR §99.30 and §300.622. Parental consent means:

•To be fully informed about the School Based Services program;

•To provide consent to release school records containing the student's information to MDCH and billing agencies for the purpose of participating in the School-Based Services program;

•To understand that consent is voluntary and can be revoked.

Parental consent must be obtained prior to accessing the child or family’s public benefits or insurance and must be kept on file for seven (7) years after the last claimed date of service.

Medicaid Annual Consent Notification

PDF DocumentMedicaid Annual Notification 

Medicaid Parental Consent Form

The Medicaid School-Based Services Parental Consent form should be filled out in PowerSchool Special Education (PSSE formerly known asTIENET) and signed by the parent/guardian. A blank form can be found below if needed. It is the responsibility of each special education office to maintain these consent forms to ensure that a signature is obtained at the time of the IEP meeting.

If no signature is obtained from the parent/guardian at the IEP meeting, that does not relieve the district from this requirement. Each district should establish a procedure for obtaining permission when the parent/guardian does not sign the consent form at the IEP meeting.  If a parent/guardian refuses to consent,  please contact Eaton RESA's Medicaid office.

PDF DocumentParental Consent Form