Shaping Positive Lifestyles and Attitudes through School Health (SPLASH)

Numerous studies have demonstrated that healthy students learn better. SPLASH+ is a federally funded grant focusing on nutrition and physical activity. The goals of SPLASH+ are to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and to increase physical activity in preschool through grade 12. School buildings with at least 50 percent free and reduced lunch rate are eligible to participate.
Teachers are trained in the Michigan Model for Health® curriculum and teach Nutrition and Physical Activity lessons in their classroom. In addition to free Nutrition Reinforcement Items like veggie scrubbers, recipes, and thermal bags, SPLASH+ staff provides participating preschool through grade 12 classrooms with a fruit and vegetable food sampling. Kindergarten through grade 6 classrooms also participate in 15 minute in-class physical activity demonstrations like yoga and chair exercise, four times per year.
Last year 41 percent of parents reported that their students were doing more physical activity after participating in SPLASH+. Additionally, 36 percent of parents reported a positive change in their student's consumption of fruit, and 32 percent reported an increase in other vegetable consumption. Students in grades 4-12 reported an increase in the number of days they were physically active 60 minutes or more in the last week. Students in grades 3-12 on average reported an approximately 35 percent increase in their consumption of fruits and vegetables.

In 2017-18, SPLASH+ is excited to be programming with approximately 128 teachers in 21 buildings in five districts.