About Eaton RESA 


The mission of Eaton RESA is to provide and enhance educational opportunities for those we serve.


Eaton RESA will achieve educational excellence through collaborative, responsive, and innovative efforts.


Authentic Collaboration – our ability to work in partnership with internal and external stakeholders to achieve common purpose and mutual goals
Continuous Improvement – our ability to use data and stakeholder feedback to design and improve programs, services and supports
Transparent Communication – our ability to be clear, consistent, timely and reciprocal re: communications within and outside the organization
Accountability – our ability to accept responsibility for student and constituent outcomes and results
Diversity – our ability to recognize and engage differences in thought, culture, services and partnerships
Shared Leadership – our ability to distribute leadership influence, build the capacity of others and be solution focused
Flexibility – our ability to think and act in new ways and embrace innovation
Strategic Resource Allocation – our ability to align and use resources to meet organizational and constituent goals
Family Involvement – our ability to engage families as partners in supporting their children’s education
Success for All Students – our ability to guide implementation of research and evidence-based practices within a multi-tiered system of supports framework so each student reaches their greatest potential


  • Increase the achievement and success of all students within the Eaton RESA service area.
  • Increase internal and external stakeholder support for Eaton RESA through comprehensive communications and community engagement efforts.
  • Increase capacity for and implementation of shared services based on stakeholder needs.