December 9, 2021

Safety Message

Communities across the country have been deeply impacted by the tragic events at Oxford High School. School districts need your help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our schools and our community.

Unfortunately, school threats increased significantly after the Oxford High School shooting and law enforcement and school districts have seen an overwhelming number of reports in the last week. These threats cause a significant emotional and traumatic impact on students, staff, families, communities, and our police and first responders. Threats also take valuable resources away from educating our students and keeping our community safe.

The best way to keep our schools safe and prevent acts of violence is to keep lines of communication open. Talk with your children. Monitor social media. If you are aware of anything that may seem threatening, please report it to the school district, the police department or call 911 immediately. We also ask that if your family owns firearms that appropriate safety measures be taken to keep them secure.

Maintaining safe schools in Eaton County is the highest priority for our school districts and law enforcement. We take every threat reported seriously. If your child makes a false threat of violence, they will be subject to school discipline and be investigated by the criminal prosecutor.

Please read the attached letter from the county prosecutor supported by all the superintendents in the Eaton RESA service area which emphasizes our collective priority for safety. We will continue to work together to keep our schools safe and we appreciate the support of the communities across Eaton County.

Thank you,

Eaton RESA Administration

School Safety Letter