November 8, 2021

State Superintendent To Provide Update on State’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan

Michigan Department of Education Press Release LANSING – State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice will give a comprehensive update on the state’s progress on the eight goals of Michigan’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan, including goal seven to address the state’s teacher shortage, at the monthly meeting of the State Board of Education tomorrow.

Dr. Rice’s presentation will be during the morning session of the meeting, which will be in person in the State Board of Education room on the fourth floor of the John A. Hannah Building, 608 West Allegan Street in Lansing. The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. and will be broadcast live online, accessed from the home page of the Michigan Department of Education’s website.

The state’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan was developed by the Michigan Department of Education with tremendous input from thousands of stakeholders over several months. The plan was adopted by the State Board of Education in August 2020 that established the following goals:

  • Expand early childhood learning opportunities
  • Improve early literacy achievement
  • Improve the health, safety, and wellness of all learners
  • Expand secondary learning opportunities for all students
  • Increase the percentage of all students who graduate from high school
  • Increase the percentage of adults with a post-secondary credential
  • Increase the numbers of certified teachers in areas of shortage
  • Provide adequate and equitable school funding

Dr. Rice will report on each of the goals, including the urgent need to address the teacher shortages in the state. Dr. Rice had an OpEd published recently in Bridge Magazine that discusses the teacher shortages with which local school districts are struggling, the causes of the shortages, and how the shortages can and should be addressed by state policymakers to help districts.