October 9, 2020

Eaton RESA Launches Strategic Planning Process

Eaton Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) administration and Board of Education have begun the process to renew a 5-year Strategic Plan for the District.

Eaton RESA supports six local school districts and four public school academies, each of which may not have the resources needed to provide all the services its students require on their own. A regional education service agency can provide shared services across many districts to lower costs. Eaton RESA offers support and programming in the areas of general education, special education, career and technical education, early childhood education and prevention services.

The purpose of the process will be to examine the District’s current strategic plan including the mission, vision, beliefs, goals and strategies to continue to provide and enhance educational opportunities through programs and services provided by Eaton RESA. Stakeholder feedback is an important part of the planning process. Community members, parents, teachers and District staff members will have the opportunity to give input on the strengths of the District, opportunities for improvement, barriers for implementation and their vision for the District. Stakeholder input, along with essential District data, will drive District decision-making on priority goals to be implemented over the next five years.

Debbie Roberts, the Eaton RESA Board of Education President stated, “As school board members, we have to make the best decisions for our students and families during these ever-changing times. Through this process, we will use quantitative data and stakeholder input to make decisions and to set priorities for our District.”

“We have already begun the process and will be kicking off stakeholder focus groups, data gathering with key steering committee meetings and deployment of feedback surveys throughout the fall and early winter,” said Cindy Anderson, Superintendent of Eaton RESA. “In the spring, we will present a draft strategic plan to the stakeholder groups for additional feedback. In June of 2021, we will present our final strategic plan for 2021-2026 to the Eaton RESA Board of Education for approval.”