August 17, 2020

42 students graduate from early college program

The Capital Region Technical Early College (CRTEC) is a high school-to-college program where students start in grade 11 to leave after grade 13 with a college degree or certification.

The program is cost-free and it gives students relevant career-related experience. The program is a result of a partnership between Clinton County Regional Education Service Agency (RESA)-Career Connections, the Eaton Regional Education and the Ingham Intermediate School District (ISD) Wilson Talent Center.

In the year 2020, 42 students completed their CRTEC programs as well as received their degrees or certifications. To celebrate them, the CRTEC team created lawn signs for each student featuring their name, the degree they received and the college they attended. They even visited their homes to put the signs on display. Additionally, the students were able to be celebrated in videos.

Eaton RESA Curriculum and Early College Coordinator Margo Hazelman has nothing but positive things to say about the students.

“I have truly enjoyed helping all of the students navigate through the program. This year did not go as planned, but we got through it and these students should be proud to have completed the CRTEC program. Congratulations to the students and parents on putting forth the effort, sticking with classes and the program during a global pandemic and congratulations on being successful,” said Hazelman.