July 28, 2020

Eaton County Area Public Schools Are Developing Plans for Return to School

Communities may be wondering what is happening in our schools right now. Maybe even thinking, why haven’t schools made decisions about returning to school yet?

The public school districts within the Eaton Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) area want our communities to know that we have been working on the best possible scenarios for our students and staff to return to school safely. Each district has to make their own decision depending on student and family needs. Make no mistake, districts have been collaborating over the summer with the health department and other agencies to discuss options and brainstorm new ideas to provide a safe environment while still delivering the highest quality education possible.

Districts within the Eaton RESA area are working on plans for reopening schools and most district plans will be released in the next week or two. We understand families need to make plans for their children and we also understand businesses need parents to return to work. We are committed to the health of our students and staff and their safety is our utmost priority. We thank our communities for providing input regarding their needs and being patient as we work through all the scenarios to teach our children the way they deserve to be taught.

“I’m so impressed with the leaders of Charlotte, Grand Ledge, Eaton Rapids, Maple Valley and Potterville public schools for working together with our health department and other community agencies to offer options and determine the best Return to School solutions for their students and families,” said Cindy Anderson, Superintendent for Eaton RESA. “They have been focused on family and staff needs, safety protocols and setting up instructional models that have never really been done in a traditional setting. The upcoming school year will require everyone to remain flexible and work collaboratively to respond to the changing situations presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.”