July 17, 2020

Eaton RESA Forms Diversity Advisory Council

Events of the past few weeks have brought to the forefront the devastation and destruction that systemic racism has on indicators that influence opportunity, health, inclusion, and education in our country. 

The ongoing violence and discrimination against Black people highlight the importance of addressing racism as both a public health and an education priority. Violence, uninformed language and biases, symbolic displays of hate, and judicial injustices have weighed heavily on the hearts and minds of public educators, including those of us at Eaton Regional Education Service Agency (RESA). These recent events make it even more important for our schools to be inclusive and equitable institutions of safety, learning and achievement for all students who enter our doors.

In response to these recent events, Eaton RESA recognizes the critical importance of being educational leaders who move beyond tolerance to inclusion by supporting authentic and sustained systemic change. We have spent the last few weeks reflecting on and listening to educators, staff, parents, students and community members as they have expressed their concerns, fears, frustrations and anger at situations which have occurred in our local area, across the state and nation.  District action will require leadership to be humble and open-minded to embrace the opportunity to engage in this work alongside our staff and constituents.

As initial steps in this work, Eaton RESA leadership is committed to:

  • Establishing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Council that will listen to and amplify the voices, ideas and concerns of Eaton RESA stakeholders and staff regarding discrimination and racism.
  • Engaging in efforts to create more inclusive, welcoming and less divisive schools and communities as part of our district's strategic plan.
  • Collaborating with local school districts and other community partners to explore, address and change policies, practices and disparities that impact students, families and staff of color.
  • Providing educational opportunities for all staff to learn and grow their understanding of racism, privilege and biases.

Over the coming weeks and months ahead, Eaton RESA will work to change and influence systems that contribute to racism and discrimination and create a more inclusive environment for all.

Stronger Together,
Cindy Anderson