May 5, 2020

Meadowview School receives a 2020 SET SEG Education Excellence Award

Eaton RESA’s Meadowview School has received a 2020 Education Excellence Award and a $2,500 grant from the SET SEG Foundation and Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB).

The Education Excellence Award is being awarded to Meadowview School’s Peer-to-Peer program.

Meadowview School serves students with many diverse abilities. In 2016, they added an Emotional Impairment Program and staff seized this opportunity to implement a Peer-to-Peer program. Classrooms in the new Emotional Impairment program were paired with classrooms in the existing Cognitive Impairment program.  Students are provided opportunities to develop positive relationships with their peers which results in improved behavior. Students at Meadowview School say that because of the program they can keep their behavior and anger issues under control by helping and mentoring each other and taking responsibility for their actions.

“It’s an honor for us to recognize Eaton RESA and their educators, and to help support and advance their efforts,” said Lisa Truscott, SET SEG Foundation Executive Director. “Dedicated, passionate teachers and staff in public schools are what help provide opportunities to learn, grow and build brighter, stronger futures for students in our communities and state.”

“The Peer-to-Peer program has been quite successful in encouraging social-emotional growth of students in our Emotional Impairment program. By bonding with the students in the Cognitive Impairment program, we have witnessed great things,” said Cindy Anderson, Superintendent, Eaton RESA. “Thank you to the SET SEG Foundation and the Michigan Association of School Boards for supporting our program and for encouraging our staff to be innovative.”

The Education Excellence Awards are produced through a partnership between the SET SEG Foundation and MASB. This year, the SET SEG Foundation awarded ten grants to Michigan public school programs. Education Excellence Award recipients receive a $2,500 check, an “Education Excellence Winner” road sign, and trophy.