May 1, 2019

School Board Member Honored

One Eaton County school board member earned an award from the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) in 2018 for his efforts to improve his leadership skills, demonstrate commitment to student achievement and his own continuous improvement.

Awards are earned for classes completed in MASB’s leadership training program, as well as for conference attendance, years of service and leadership activities.

Jack M. Temsey, Board Member of Eaton RESA and Potterville Public Schools, received the Master Diamond Award and was honored by MASB at the recent Eaton County Area School Board Association meeting held at Eaton RESA on April 30, 2019.

This training and professional development helps board members to keep pace with the fast-moving and complex changes in public education. The hours devoted to this training are above and beyond the time board members spend at their local meetings, events, and district governance work.

“We are pleased to recognize the accomplishments of Jack Temsey and his commitment to helping Potterville Public Schools continuously improve in the area of student achievement; Board members are vital in ensuring quality educational programs are available for all students,” said Kevin Robydek, Potterville Public Schools Superintendent.

“Schools are under exceptional pressure to be innovative and reinvent the way they deliver education. Training equips our board members with the tools necessary to make the best decisions for children. The time they spend being servant leaders, improving their knowledge and skills is valued and greatly appreciated,” said Cindy Anderson, Eaton RESA Superintendent.